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Wil Ledezma Outrighted to Triple-A Las Vegas, Another Move Coming?

According to an official press release, the Blue Jays have outrighted Wil Ledezma, who they acquired just six days ago, to Triple-A Las Vegas. He will now be a non-roster invitee to Spring Training.

As Mat pointed out in his article on here after the Jays claimed Ledezma off waivers from the Pirates, the Jays are familiar with him, as they signed him to a Minor League contract in 2009.

Ledezma has pitched only 25.1 Major League innings over the last two years, allowing 33 hits (10.7 H/9) and 10 walks (3.6). His 30 strikeouts in those 25.1 innings are encouraging though, and his 3.23 FIP last season suggests he was the victim of some bad luck, which would warrant possible dismissal of his 6.86 ERA in 2010.

Even if Ledezma blows it in Spring Training, his effective numbers in Triple-A last season ( 4 ER, 19 BB, and 50 SO in 38.1 IP) show that he could be a useful depth option at the very least. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for Ledezma to eat some of the innings that Steven Register, Zach Jackson, Merkin Valdez, or Rommie Lewis logged last season, as they all struggled mightily with the 51s in 2010.

I was a bit skeptical about why GM Alex Anthopoulos elected to pass on selecting someone in December’s Rule 5 Draft, citing 40-man roster spots as the reason, only to claim Wil Ledezma one month later and possibly give him a spot on the Jays 40-man.

But, as Andrew Stoeten over at Drunk Jays Fans pointed out earlier this evening, having Ledezma outrighted to Triple-A means that there is now a new 40-man roster spot open. This could be for Brian Fuentes, who the Jays have been linked to in rumors recently, an upcoming trade that Anthopoulos is discretely working on, or a possible free agent bat, say, Vladimir Guerrero?

Let the speculation begin.


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  • GCM1979

    Not unlucky, career numbers have always been bad in regards to H/9, BABIP and OPS. Lefty/Righty splits are pretty much the same. Does his best when team is way ahead and when facing hitters 1-2 and 7-9.
    So if he is in the ‘pen at any time, it’ll be to face weaker lineups or games where the Blue Jays have a big lead. Will probably see this role in AAA.

    • Jared Macdonald

      GCM, thanks for the reply. Note the use of FIP to hint at bad luck was for this past season only. It’s no secret that hitters can rake off of him, as clearly shown by BABIP and H/9.

      Career numbers in general are deceiving at times, too. An example being while his splits vs. RHB and LHB are even career wise, last year he wasn’t spectacular against LHB (.255/.305/.418) and was brutal against RHB (.367/.424/.533).

      BR’s splits page will easily tell you he comes in in lop-sided affairs, but he could definitely get some more important innings with Vegas should he spend the season there. He ranked 2nd on his team last year in WHIP, GF, and SV, and his line over his 8 save outings was impressive:

      7.2 ip, 2 hits, 12K, 2BB, incl 7 SV w/out giving up a hit.

      He’s definitely not the next Eckersley by any means, but, as stated above, I’d rather take a chance on him to fill Minor League innings rather than someone like Valdez/Register etc.

  • Keith

    My take on it is that there is another move coming. Nothing that will shock us or make the team a contender in the East. Probably a signing of Fuentes or some other reliever. I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time AA has surprised me:)
    I think they are committed to Encarnacion as the DH/ back up 1B. It makes sense to me as long as he doesn’t bat ahead of Snider. So i can’t see a big bat like Manny or Vlad.

    I really think AA and Farrell want to use this year to figure out what they truly have in the majors and see how the kids on the farm develop.

    We need to figure out a big a part of the long term plan Snider or Lind will be. Also if Hech and Lawrie have the types of years they are capable of they should be our 3B and SS late this year or next year. This will shift Bautista back to RF, Snider to LF and Escobar to 2B.

    Last we need to understand what we have in Arencibia. Is he an Everyday catcher? If so then great, if not do you move his bat to first and is Lind on the trade market?

    As this will be a year of discovery, I can’t see a major move coming.

    • Jared Macdonald

      Keith, I completely agree with you that while I wouldn’t call this a rebuilding season, it’s definitely a season to see really what our prospects have got.

      Chances are, the Ledezma outrighting to Triple-A is just for something uneventful like Patterson as our 4th OF after ST. But, hopefully it’s something more intriguing than that.

      I’m not worried too much about Snider, as a full season of Cito-free at-bats should do him well, but I’m interested to see if we get the 2009 or 2010 version of Lind next year. Agreed on the importance of seeing JPA next year too.

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  • Stump

    MLB Trade Rumours states that Eric Chavez worked out recently for the Jays in Arizona. Obviously this would be huge “leap of faith” by the Jays if they signed Eric . He has had five stints on the disabled list over the course of the last four seasons including five surgeries over a 22-month span from September, 2007 to June, 2009.

    However, if Chavez is finally healthy, it would allow the Blue Jays to keep Jose Bautista in right field and Aaron Hill at second base. Chavez was a terrific defensive 3rd baseman for Oakland, and in his glory years (5) produced consistent OPS numbers between .850 and .898. Edwin Encarnacion, could then return as a platoon first baseman/DH.

    Still, quite a stretch to wish for Chavez to stay healthy for an entire season. However, stay tuned, perhaps he fills the open roster spot.

  • Keith

    If Healthy….and that is a BIG if, that would be very interesting signing. Although I have my question marks about if he will be a .260+ hitter or .340+ OBP ever again
    That said, this seems like exactly the type of move AA would make. I could see the Jays taking a no risk signing here and if he is doing well, trade him mid season or even keep him all year long (if truly healthy) for draft picks.
    Either way, he would be a lot better coming off the bench than a McCoy.

  • Lansing Web Design

    I completely agree with Keith. This could just be a telltale sign for another move later on. This year could serve as a reassessment of the whole team’s skills