Who are the last 7 Blue Jays players to have 100 RBI in a single season?

With the Toronto Blue Jays lineup underachieving as a whole in 2023, we take a look back to see which players have reached 100 RBI during the previous decade.
Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers
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Josh Donaldson, José Bautista & Encarnación (all in 2015)

There are many who consider the 2015 Blue Jays to be the best version since their World Series teams of 1992 and 1993. This is understandable for a variety of reasons.

The 93-69 record stands as the Blue Jay' best since those 1992-93 teams. They also easily led the Majors with 891 runs (127 ahead of second place) and a +221 run differential (+99 more than second place).

On an individual level, Donaldson led the way with the best season of his (to date) 13-year Major League career. He finished first on the team in hits, home runs, doubles, batting average, slugging percentage, OPS and with a remarkable 8.8 WAR.

On a league-wide level, the two-time Silver Slugger led the AL in RBI and total bases, and the Majors as a whole in runs. He capped the season by deservedly being named AL MVP.

Donaldson was also one of three Blue Jays players to reach 100 RBI, leading the team with 123. He was joined by José Bautista with 114 and Encarnación with 111.

This made for a potent trio, with all three players recording a +.900 OPS. Alas though, they couldn't produce a World Series champion, despite having the most dangerous team in the Majors.

That's because the Blue Jays actually had two wins less than the AL-leading Royals, which made all the difference come the ALCS. The Blue Jays would go on to lose the decisive sixth game in Kansas City -- albeit just 4-3 -- leaving fans wondering about what could have been.