Who are the last 5 Blue Jays to have 200 hits in a single season?

With Bo Bichette taking aim at finally reaching 200 hits, we take a look back into the Blue Jays history books to see who has achieved this tremendous feat.
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2) Tony Fernández - 213

Tony Fernández passed away too soon, at the age of 57 in 2020. However, he left an indelible mark on the Blue Jays as the best shortstop in team history.

Fernández had a love affair with the city of Toronto, which saw him spend four spells with the Blue Jays. This included a second spell during the 1993 season, when he reached his much-deserved pinnacle as a World Series champion.

From an individual perspective, the five-time All-Star had several pinnacles. These include being inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and added to the Blue Jays Level of Excellence.

In terms of during his playing career, a lot of people would point to Fernández reaching 200 hits in 1986. He became the first Blue Jays to achieve this feat, with the 213 hits at the time setting a Major League record for a shortstop.

The switch-hitter had set himself up for a big season a year earlier, his first as a regular starter. He helped the Blue Jays qualify for their first-ever postseason with a team-record 99 wins, and to this day many fans believe they should have won the 1985 World Series.

Regardless, Fernández was geared up for a big season in 1986, although there was little indication early on of what was to come. With 23 hits during April, no one could have predicted he was going to have a record-breaking season with the bat.

After then however, the Dominican Republic-born player started to hit with more frequency. Adding more interest to the story, fellow countryman and teammate George Bell was making his own push for 200 hits. (The Hall of Famer would finish just short, at 198 hits.)

Fernández would finally reach the 200-mark on September 22 in Detroit, in a season where he earned his first All-Star selection and received some votes for AL MVP. He became the first Blue Jay to record 200 hits, and his mark of 2013 would stand for 17 years before being surpassed by number one on our list.