Who are the last 5 Blue Jays to have 200 hits in a single season?

With Bo Bichette taking aim at finally reaching 200 hits, we take a look back into the Blue Jays history books to see who has achieved this tremendous feat.
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4) Shannon Stewart - 202

You can make the argument that Shannon Stewart is not always appreciated for what he achieved during his time in Toronto. He was never named an All-Star in 10 seasons with the Blue Jays and the one time he led the league in anything, it was being caught stealing 14 times in 1999.

However, this cannot take away from the reality Stewart is one of the most accomplished bats in Blue Jays history. He is ranked fifth all-time in batting average, sixth in doubles, seventh in hits, triples and runs scored, as well as tied-ninth in on-base percentage. (You get the idea.)

Stewart arrived in Southern Ontario with high expectations, after being selected 19th overall in the 1992 draft. He didn't make his Major League debut until 1995, meaning he missed out on the chance at World Series glory.

The Cincinnati, Ohio native had his breakout year in 1998, during his first season as a regular starter. He hit 12 home runs, 55 RBI and a career-high 67 walks, on the way to a .279/.377/.417 slash line. (He also had a career-high 51 stolen bases.)

Stewart continued to grow in confidence at the plate, hitting .300 in each of the next two years. In 2000 specifically, he set career-highs for batting average, home runs, RBI, slugging percentage and OPS.

This all set the stage for the 2001 campaign, as the right-handed bat would begin his quest for 200 hits. The foundation was set early, helped by hitting at a near .400 pace during April and finishing with a 2001 single-month high of 39 hits.

Stewart looked well on course to reach 200 hits for the majority of the 2001 campaign. It was only towards the end when any doubt crept in, after recording 21 hits in September.

The left fielder entered October sitting on 193 hits, and with six games remaining. He kept Blue Jays fans on the edge of their seats with anticipation, before recording his 200th hit in the second-to-last game of the season.

Stewart would go on to be traded to Minnesota two seasons later, but was able to finish his Major League career with the Blue Jays in 2008. Whether appreciated or not, it cannot be denied he is one of a small group of Blue Jays to reach 200 hits in a season.