Toronto Blue Jays Mailbag: Answering reader-submitted questions

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With Orelvis Martinez a year or so away, do you think it makes sense for him to transition to second base and keep Bo at shortstop? - Bryan T.

Martinez is still so dang young (21) and is working through some developmental shortcomings in the minor leagues, primarily his strikeouts.

Last year, he hit 30 home runs which is a massive accomplishment for somebody of his age so as long as he can learn some patience at the plate, I think you're right with him breaking into the big leagues in 2024. However, anything can happen in this game and injuries/red-hot performance from him could always push that up a bit.

As far as wondering if he should transition to second, I'm completely on board with such a thought. You mentioned in your question that you believe Bo Bichette will take some steps forward as a defensive shortstop in 2023 and I wholeheartedly agree with that. He's only one year removed from being worth 1.0 dWAR per Baseball-Reference.

So far in the minors, Martinez has only lined up at short and third but he's still young enough and possesses the range/throwing arm to become an above-average second baseman. Sign me up.

Is Ricky Tiedemann considered untouchable in trade discussions, or could he be included in the right deal? - Tyson S.

I tend to think that there is no prospect out there that is truly untouchable. However, I think Tiedemann is as close as you can get to untouchable for the Jays.

I've seen Tiedemann's name dangled in trade rumors before (particularly in Bryan Reynolds rumors) but I have a hard time believing that anyone in the Jays' front office would take Reynolds over such a promising arm like Tiedemann.

My answer is no, he isn't 100 percent untouchable. However, there is no chance any team out there offers someone strong enough to warrant Tiedemann's inclusion in a trade.

Are you buying the hype surrounding Addison Barger? Is he our third baseman of the future? - Ryan L.

I really, really, really like what I've seen from Barger in the minors so far. He looked pretty good in 2021 and then followed that up with an excellent season. One thing to note is that he seemingly got better as he advanced through the system last year instead of regressing as the oppposition got harder.

I think Barger is the real deal. I am in the camp of Bo Bichette being the club's long-term shortstop, which is the same position Barger plays by trade. Many in the organization absolutely adore Barger and his A-plus-plus throwing arm, so yes, I do believe he is the third baseman of the future.

If you want me to get even more specific, I think the Jays are going to extend Chapman for another year or two and Barger will function as a utilityman until replacing Chapman as the everyday third baseman in a few years.

What is Vladdy having for dinner tonight? - Arlene W.

Hi Arlene, I'm not sure, but I hope it's something good.

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