Toronto Blue Jays Mailbag: Answering reader-submitted questions

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How concerned should we be with the farm system? - Colin H.

A ton of the system's best prospects are right on the cusp of making it to the big leagues like Orelvis Martinez, Otto López and Addison Barger on the position player side of things and Yosver Zulueta on the pitching side.

Behind these near-MLB-ready guys, there are players like Ricky Tiedemann, Adam Kloffenstein, Sem Robberse and Adam Macko waiting in the wings in the pitching department but the position players are pretty bare, which would be where any concern of mine comes in to play.

There are quite a few names that will see their prospect stock rise with a good season in 2023 so we'll have to wait and see how this year shakes out. These guys include Peyton Williams, Cade Doughty, Miguel Hiraldo, Alex De Jesus, Dasan Brown and Gabriel Martinez.

Why is the club not looking at bringing back Roberto Osuna on a cheap deal? - Francis H.

While Osuna is still young (27-years-old), he likely would not be welcomed back to Blue Jays Nation. After all, he was traded to the Astros in 2018 after he served a suspension for domestic assault.

Since becoming an MLB free agent in 2020, he has not signed on with another club in America and I believe that that says all you need to know about where he stands here.

Not sure if any more reasons are needed but Osuna recently signed a contract with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in Japan as well.

Who do you think the Jays will turn to for the fifth starter's spot and fifth outfielder? - エナルシス・ メサ

The starting outfield picture is set with Varsho, Kiermaier and Springer penciled in as the starters from left to right. Beyond that? Nothing is guaranteed. Whit Merrifield is the likeliest candidate to be the fourth outfielder but he is also an infielder. If I was to pick a true outfielder to fill the fifth spot? It'd be Nathan Lukes, who has done enough to warrant a look in the big leagues.

As far as fifth starters go, I think Yusei Kikuchi is going to be given another shot in the five-hole. While I have been an advocate of his being moved to the bullpen, my prediction is he starts the year as the fifth starter and Mitch White is the long-relief/swingman option. However, as the season goes on, those roles could flip flop and the return of Hyun Jin Ryu will even further muddy the waters.