Toronto Blue Jays Mailbag: Answering reader-submitted questions

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Recently, I made a post on social media asking for some reader-submitted questions that I would eventually answer in a post.

Today is the day. I received over 50 questions, so not all of them will be answered but I appreciate everyone tuning in and dropping some stuff for me to address.

Let's get into it.

Editor's note: some questions have been shortened for clarity

I believe Merrifield is the starting second baseman for the Jays. Do you think we keep Biggio and Espinal as backups or deal them? - Brian S.

Let me start by saying that I don't think Merrifield is penciled in as the full-time second baseman. His above-average ability to play other positions, including all three spots in the outfield, likely puts him in more of a super-utility role than ties him down to one spot.

Between Biggio and Espinal, I believe the easy answer is that Biggio would be the one traded. He's had four years to show what he can do and while he started off promising in 2019 and 2020, his shine has faded away significantly and he jumps out as a change of scenery candidate.

While Biggio is under control through 2025, Espinal is younger and under control through 2026. Espinal made the All-Star Game last season and is certainly going to get more opportunities than Biggio will at this point. Biggio is the one that gets moved.

I'm sure the Jays will try a few lineups out but what do you think Varsho's spot in the lineup is? - Steve G.

Right now, FanGraphs' Roster Resource has Varsho batting sixth in the everyday lineup and I don't think I agree with that. To me, he strikes me as more of a two-hole batter thanks to his speed and ability to get on base. Batting second may bring his RBI total down since he's not in position to drive a ton of guys in, but his baserunning abilities will be put on display with big boppers like Bichette, Vladdy and Kirk behind him.

What are the chances the Jays bring back David Phelps? - Trevor H.

I'd say very high. There's still a hole in the bullpen and Phelps put on an excellent performance last season. I recently listed him as a potential minor league contract target for the Jays and I firmly believe that there's a real possibility we see him in Toronto in the upcoming season.

How can they justify charging $13 for a beer at Rogers Centre? - Ryan R.

I don't know, Ryan, but we deserve better.