Top 5 outfielders in Blue Jays franchise history by WAR

Division Series - Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Five
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3. Vernon Wells (24.8 fWAR)

Narrowly beating out Moseby is 2000s center fielder Vernon Wells. Wells came at an interesting time in the Jays franchise, as they slowly rebuilt from the legacy team of the 90s. He was a highly-touted prospect in the 90s and was ultimately selected 5th overall in the 1997 Draft.

Wells spent a few seasons from 1999-2001 between the majors and minors before playing a full season in 2002. Wells had a decent rookie year, hitting for over 20 home runs with 100 RBI, but ultimately broke out in the following season in 2003. Wells would go onto play for the Jays for about seven more years before spending brief stints with the Angels and Yankees.

Wells was overall a strong player, but best remembered for his power. His best year argubaly came in his breakout season where he slashed a strong .317/.359/.550, good for a 133 wRC+. Wells complemented this with 33 homers, 117 RBI and a league-leading 49 doubles. Wells would go on to not only become an All-Star this year, but finish with a Silver Slugger award and top-ten MVP finish.

As Wells progressed with the Jays, he maintained his power but also improved his defense, earning three consecutive Gold Gloves from 2004-2006. Wells would go onto sign a back-loaded extension with the Jays in 2007 before being traded in the 2011 offseason to the Angels. By the time Wells completed his tenure with the Jays, he had over 220 homers and three All-Star appearances and, as mentioned, three Gold Glove awards.