Top 5 outfielders in Blue Jays franchise history by WAR

Division Series - Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Five
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Five / Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages
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5. Devon White (20.9 fWAR)

Devon White came up with the California Angels in 1985 as a speedy, yet powerful center fielder. While he played less than 50 games in 1985-86, he started receiving regular player time in 1987, playing 159 games. White would eventually break out in 1989, where he received an All-Star appearance and Gold Glove award. White joined the Jays in the offseason of 1990 as part of a five-player trade and would see his best years with the club. He played for the Blue Jays for five seasons and in that time slashed .270/.327/.432 with 72 home runs.

White was also an extremely good baserunner, stealing 126 bags in his tenure with the Jays. While solid with the bat and cleats, White was arguably better with the glove, earning a Gold Glove each year he was with the Jays. His most famous moment with the Jays came in Game 3 of the 1992 World Series where he made a leaping-grab that nearly culminated in a triple-play known as "the catch".

White was an extremely important piece to the Jays' playoff dynasty of the 90's, completing the deadly outfield of RBI-machine Joe Carter and Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson in 1993. White's best year arguably came in 1991 on the cusp of the Jays' first championship, where he slashed .282/.342/.455 with 17 home runs and stole 33 bases. Including his stellar defense, White was able to accumulate 6.4 fWAR and placed 16th in MVP voting for his efforts. White later saw another impressive year in 1993, receiving once again an All-Star nod and Gold Glove award. Although White was never the best the Jays had to offer, his presence undoubtedly helped propel the club to back-to-back championships in 1992-1993.