Three Blue Jays players who need to step up before the season spirals

The Blue Jays need these three players to improve before this could become a lost season
Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays
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Chris Bassitt

It's been an ugly first two starts for Bassitt to say the least.

A 7.71 ERA and WHIP of 2.14 are areas of concern, especially in a year dependent on bounce backs and consistency from quality performances last year. He's having trouble finding his spots and it reflects in his career high marks in mean exit velocity and barrel percentage.

The reality is the Blue Jays need a solid year from Bassitt in order to contend for a postseason spot this year, and his stuff needs some polishing if that's going to be possible. Fortunately, his 66% ground ball rate is a sign that this could be another year where he just needs time to gel to not be hit so hard.

If anyone can be trusted to right their own ship, it's going to be Bassitt. The 35-year-old hurler has made a career out of consistency, sporting an ERA under four in all but one year (which was his third year in the majors where he made five starts).

We saw it last year where had a foul start in the opening series against the St. Louis Cardinals, yet despite that, he shrugged it off and finished the year as a top 10 Cy Young candidate. If this happens again, Toronto has at least three starters who can be trusted to bring their A-game every time, which makes a world of a difference given the a lack of consistent scoring and questionable bullpen health.

Bassitt doesn't need to win the Cy Young, the club just needs him to be Chris Bassitt.