Three biggest disappointments for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2022

Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Two / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

The Blue Jays 2022 season had some bright spots, as well as some disappointments.

The biggest disappointment: We didn't get to the World Series and win it.
The team was capable of better than the two Seattle games, of going further, yet we exited the playoffs with two not very pretty losses.

The first game was a 4-0 loss. Most of that can be attributed to a standout 7-2/3 inning gem by pitcher Luis Castillo. The Blue Jays had at bats with RISP three times but could not convert, and did not work a single walk. Alek Manoah threw decently but not brilliantly, not getting through six. The second game, Kevin Gausman was dealing into the sixth. We had a 5-1 lead, then the wheels fell off, eventually losing 10-9 and using five relievers that game as well.

The second big disappointment for the year is the total pitching. There were some very good individual performances, but overall the pitching was disappointing. From Kikuchi to Hyun Jin Ryu getting injured (again), to Berríos' inconsistency to the bullpen not being as good as they should, the pitching overall was a major disappointment.

I lay most of the pitching woes at the feet of Atkins and Shapiro. I know they are not the ones on the mound, but they are the ones that picked them. There have been too many reclamation signings of guys that used to be good and "maybe they will stay healthy" pitchers. They seem to be trying to address that this off season. I think this is the year that will define the Atkins Shapiro reign. I hope it works out a winner.

The last disappointment I choose for this past season is not meant to be criticism, but nevertheless a disappointment. Vladdy, with too many times hitting into a double play, lower batting average, fewer RBI, less runs scored and an overall coming-back-down-to-earth type of season.

He is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and we the fans expect a lot from him. He is probably is more disappointed than any one else, and will to do all he can to change that. I know that's a little unfair, like your daddy bought you a used Ford, when you wanted a new Porsche, but it is still a disappointment. The Vladdy bright spot was his very excellent defensive plays.

So there are my three big disappointments for the Blue Jays this year. They can all be fixed and altered for the better this coming year, and as a fan, I look forward to it. Can't start soon enough.