The emerging AL East superstars that will soon torment the Blue Jays

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What makes the American League East so daunting isn’t just the talent already at the major league level.  It’s the emerging superstars that can further push these teams into the next level. That may be the margin of error amongst a collection of teams with similarly constructed rosters. Even the Red Sox, who finished in last place for a second straight year, boast solid players at the major league level and some intriguing talent knocking on the door. 

The Baltimore Orioles get a lot of hype because their talent seems to be coming up at the same time.  Losing 100+ games in multiple years and using those draft picks to accumulate young superstars means they are all getting ready to play around the same time.  The Tampa Bay Rays always seem to have the next crop of stars getting ready to supplant the current group for financial purposes. In theory, the New York Yankees should have stars littered all over the roster.  Now those stars need to find the right chemistry mix to bring a long-awaited championship to the Bronx. 

The key to coming out victorious in this division seems to be which team has the highest and best concentration of these superstars. These emerging superstars can come in all forms, ranging from young players just called up to highly touted prospects. In some cases, these players have already tormented Toronto.

Toronto is no slouch in this regard either; the front office needs to keep digging for these players to compete with not only the division but also the rest of the league. The good news? Instead of playing division rivals 19 times under the old schedule, the newer and balanced schedule only forces the Blue Jays to play 13 games each against their rivals.

Let's take a closer look at the up-and-coming superstars the Blue Jays will need to worry about.