The complicated legacy of John Schneider

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Is John Schneider the right man for the job?

Here we reach an impasse.

On one hand, if the Jays hold on over the season’s final week and earn a spot in the postseason, it’s difficult to say that the manager of a franchise who has been to the playoffs nine times in 45 years should be fired after leading the team to the playoffs.

On the other hand, a tendency to melt down is not exactly a card you want to have in your back pocket.

Certainly, it can be argued that John Schneider is young and inexperienced, and that with more age and wisdom, these meltdowns will become a mere footnote in his story. But can you really afford to have someone learning on the job for a purportedly contending team?

We don’t even know how the team will respond when it gets into a do-or-die pressure situation in the playoffs, how the memory of last year’s collapse will impact them. Sometimes, a meltdown like that is something which a core group never gets over …

So what do you think? Is John Schneider killing the Blue Jays chances, or has he been the one with his fingers in the leaking dam? Moreover, which meltdown was the worst, and are there any I'm missing? Let me know on the platform formerly known as Twitter – @WriteFieldDeep.