The Buffalo Bisons will host Minor League Baseball's strangest team for a series in 2024

Rochester Red Wings v Buffalo Bisons
Rochester Red Wings v Buffalo Bisons / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

Fans of the Buffalo Bisons and the Toronto Blue Jays will get their best chance to see the burgeoning sensation known as the Savannah Bananas this summer. The team announced they will play three games at Sahlen Field from July 5-7 as part of its World Tour Draft. 

The Bananas have become wildly popular in recent years, partly for their quirky Instagram videos that have gained a following of over two million people. They’re described as a Harlem Globetrotters style of team, so if you’re planning on attending one of their games, don’t be expecting an ordinary baseball game. 

“Banana Ball” is a unique brand of baseball featuring a two-hour time limit, plenty of fan interaction, choreographed pitches, somersault catches, and over-the-top walk-up entrances. Their regular opponents, the Party Animals, often swing a flaming hot bat, and the umpire likes to shake his booty.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a ball in the stands, it counts as an out in Banana Ball. Traditionalists may not think it’s genuine, but the Bananas are part of changing baseball culture and have brought a new demographic of fans to the sport.

Due to the highly anticipated nature of this series, a ticket lottery will take place for the opportunity to purchase tickets. Hopeful fans must register for the lottery before the December 1 deadline. The fan enthusiasm should make for an entertaining and unforgettable experience for those in attendance. 

It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that allows the Bananas to reach a new audience while also being a coup for the Bisons organization and Sahlen Field. The animated, dancing, crowd-pleasing Savannah Bananas have become a part of modern pop culture, inspired an ESPN series, Bananaland, and become TikTok favorites.   

The team has attracted former big leaguers Heath Bell and Johnny Gomes to play with them. You never know what might happen at one of their games, so if you want to see this weird and wacky team, this might be your best chance.