The best and worst September performers from the current Blue Jays roster

Who could make or break the Blue Jays season based on the current players' previous performances down the stretch in the final month of the season?
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Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is definitely a surprising name to find on this list, as given his pedigree, one would expect him to be leading the Jays down the stretch, not being one of the worst performers on the team. However, based on his statistical numbers over his career, he has unfortunately come up short at times in the final month of the season for the team.

September has typically been Guerrero’s worst month in his career, just edging out the month of May by a few categories. In 110 games, he has posted just a .260 batting average with a .763 OPS, along with 18 home runs, 58 RBI, 35 walks and 78 strikeouts. That’s almost 20 points below his usual batting average and 80 points below his usual OPS. Even just last year, he hit just a measly .235 with a .680 OPS in the last 32 games of the season.

For someone that was expected to help carry the team to important victories down the stretch, it is about time that Guerrero brings his ‘A’ game and show his 2021 form once again in leading the ballclub. If he can produce an impressive final month of 2023, it will certainly make people forget all about his struggles this year. That way, the Jays’ faithful would have full optimism and hope in both Guerrero and the Blue Jays as they begin their desperate march into the playoffs.

Nevertheless, hopefully we will see some unexpected heroes step their game up in September at the same time to help the Blue Jays overcome their current obstacles and reach the postseason for the second consecutive season.