The argument for and against Toronto hosting the 2025 All-Star Game

The Blue Jays have not hosted the All-Star Game since 1991, but are reportedly in the running to have the Midsummer Classic return to Toronto in 2025, along with Chicago, Baltimore and Atlanta.
Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays
Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

The Blue Jays were well-represented at this year's All-Star Game in Seattle, while also having Vladimir Guerrero Jr. win the Home Run Derby. Imagine if this scenario had taken place in Toronto?

Well, Blue Jays fans might not have to wait too long for this scenario to become a reality. As per City News, Toronto is reportedly in the running to hold the 2025 edition of the Midsummer Classic.

Toronto has not hosted the All-Star Game since 1991, just two years after the stadium originally known as the SkyDome was opened. The question is, how likely is it that the Rogers Centre will be home to the event in 2025?

Long overdue for Toronto

On a very basic level, you can argue it is long overdue to see the Midsummer Classic return to Toronto. Consider that Seattle, who held this year's event, previously hosted the All-Star Game in 2001.

In this respect, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred's words certainly seem to offer hope for the Blue Jays. As per Chicago Sun Times, Manfred said:

"As time goes by, I’ve been more focused on keeping track of when a game was last there and trying to get back to places where we haven’t been in a really long time."

The other contenders

Where things become more unclear however, is when you consider the other cities in the running to host the game in 2025. This reportedly includes Chicago, Baltimore and Atlanta.

Starting with Chicago, yes, the White Sox held the All-Star Game at their stadium in 2003. However, the Cubs have not hosted the event at iconic Wrigley Field since 1990, a year before the Blue Jays.

Turning to Baltimore, like the White Sox, the Orioles hosted the Midsummer Classic more recently that the Blue Jays, albeit 30 years ago themselves. While Toronto the city offers more to do than Baltimore, this could be countered by Camden Yards being perceived by the majority as being a better stadium than Rogers Centre.

Controversy with Atlanta

The circumstances surrounding Atlanta's claim are more controversial. They were meant to host the game in 2021, but MLB moved it to Colorado in protest against Georgia's new restrictive voting laws.

However, it seems the league has now had a change of heart, although Manfred didn't expand much. As per The Associated Press via the Score, he said:

"Atlanta is in the mix of clubs for the 2025 All-Star Game. I’m not prepared to go past that for right now."

It should be noted Atlanta last held the event in 2000, which again is more recently that the Blue Jays. However, this was when the Braves still played at Turner Field; combined with having the All-Star Game taken away in 2021, they now play at Truist Park.

One final factor to consider, which may or may not help the case for Toronto, is that Chicago is also in the running for the 2027 All-Star Game. Texas will host the event in 2024, while Philadelphia has already been chosen for 2026, to also mark the 250th anniversary of American independence.