Shocking report suggests Mets and Blue Jays have talked Alonso-Guerrero trade

Could one of the cornerstones of the Blue Jays franchise be on the move in exchange for the Mets power slugger?

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In recent news, rumours have already been swirling with regards to the potential of the Toronto Blue Jays making both superstars Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette available in trade talks. Many believe that something was just being made out of nothing, but with the rumours coming from a credible source such as The Athletic, perhaps there is some truth behind the whole ordeal.

On Tuesday night, a shocking report has come out from insider and broadcaster Jeremy Filosa that the New York Mets and the Blue Jays have actually engaged in discussions of a potential Pete Alonso-Guerrero blockbuster trade, but whether or not it is still ongoing is unknown.

Such a trade would bring shockwaves to Jays nation as one of their core star players that supposedly seemed untouchable could be made available despite the team still considered strong contenders for a World Series victory. After all, we are only two years removed from Guerrero’s epic performance in 2021 that saw him finish second to Shohei Ohtani for the AL MVP award. Very rare do we see key core players being moved during their prime, especially one that at one point was considered to be one of the best in the entire league.

However, in this case, the trade return has established quite the glorified resumé himself as Alonso is perhaps one of the most potent hitters in the majors as well. Most of the Jays’ faithful will mainly remember him as the one who prevented Guerrero from capturing the 2019 MLB Home Run Derby title. But his elite performance has been on full display since his rookie season in 2019 in which he put up a whopping 53 home runs and 120 RBI, en route to capturing NL Rookie of the Year honours. 

Since then, Alonso has maintained a 40+ home run and 100+ RBI pace over a 162-game schedule in every season he has played in. In doing so, he has also become a three-time All-Star in the process. In addition, he may not be right up there with Guerrero’s Gold Glove-calibre level defence, but he can certainly hold his own with a positive 5 DRS and a solid .992 fielding percentage in his five MLB seasons.

Similar to Guerrero, Alonso had a somewhat off-season at the plate in 2023 on a struggling Mets team in which he hit only .217 with an .821 OPS. But somehow he still managed to provide impressive run production with 92 total runs scored with 46 home runs and 118 RBI in 154 games played. Perhaps it is this consistency in Alonso’s play and his ability to produce year after year that has caught the eye of Jays’ management. But whether the Mets themselves also make their own star player available in the end remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, it is quite nerve-wracking to know that the Jays would even consider moving one of their cornerstones of the franchise in the midst of their contending years. But if they really believe it could get the team to the next level and an eventual World Series title, a trade of such seismic proportions might just be what the doctor ordered.