Reddit study finds interesting facts about typical Blue Jays fans

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Don't look now, but a recent study claims that Blue Jays fans are among the worst-spelling MLB fans. Well, on Reddit, anyway. The study, which "analyzed thousands of comments and posts across 30 subreddits dedicated to the 30 MLB teams," was done by Matt Zajechowski of

Blue Jays fans are a passionate bunch, and the fervor with which they share their thoughts and opinions about their favorite team may lead to poorly spelled comments ending up in cyberspace.

Or, perhaps growing up, Blue Jays fans spent more time on the ball diamond than cracking open the books in English class.

Whatever the reason, Zajechowski lists Blue Jays fans as the second-worst spellers in the MLB, right behind Dodgers fans, for frequently misspelling words such as "their," "because," "reliever," "awkward" and "interest."

There is a silver lining, however.

Despite frequently misspelling everyday words, Blue Jays fans don't have trouble correctly spelling baseball terms. They know that "home run" is two words, not one, unlike Phillies fans. They also know that "fan base" is two separate words, which apparently the fan base out in Seattle does not.

Some of the other baseball terms that Blue Jays fans spell correctly more often than fans of the Guardians, Athletics and Red Sox include "walk-off," "game day" and "hot dog" (likely thanks to Loonie Dog nights and the over 444,000 hot dogs consumed last season).

According to the research, Blue Jays fans are among the most old-school, who use "terms and phrases that were common 20 years ago but may mean nothing to the sport's newest fans." Given such a vague description, how exactly these old-school words are classified is questionable. Still, Jays fans rank third in this category, behind the Rockies and Guardians, for frequently using words like "dingers" and "jabronis."

Jabronis? Really? That must be Cleveland.

While it's debatable how often Jays fans actually utter the word "jabroni," they can be forgiven for using the word "dinger" more than any other fan base. With leadoff man George Springer now up to 50 "Springer Dingers" as a Blue Jay, it's part of the official and required discourse for Jays fans.

Luckily, Blue Jays fans aren't on the leaderboard of fan bases that misspell "smarty pants" words, such as "bona fide" and "more so," to try and make themselves sound more intelligent. That honor falls to Orioles, Rangers and Padres fans. (Not sure what's going on in Texas, but that fan base frequently misspells "Nihilism." Someone should check in with our friends in the Lone Star state.)

While Blue Jays fans may bristle at being ranked as some of the worst spellers in the majors, it's not anything serious to be concerned about (unless you're an English teacher) and shouldn't stop them from continuing to be one of the more vocal and visible fan bases across the league.