Ranking the power-hitting options still available on the open market

Who is the best power hitter available that the Jays need to secure right away?

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With the recent presser by Toronto Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins, he hinted that the club will be looking to add just one more player, as opposed to multiple players, for this offseason prior to spring training. He also further elaborated by saying that that player will most likely fall under the category of outfielder or designated hitter.

With that in mind, what potential power-hitting candidates are still available in free agency for the Jays to pursue in finalizing their 2024 roster? Here, we rank the top six candidates that the Jays should sign that also fall under the outfielder or designated hitter category.

6. Teoscar Hernández

Bringing Teoscar Hernández back to for a second go-round would be the feel-good choice among Jays’ fans. Not only does he already know about the Jays’ system and how things are run, but he would fit in seamlessly as their new DH for the 2024 season. He spent last year with the Mariners and played a key role in contributing to their run production by putting up big numbers across the board. All told, he hit .258 with 70 runs scored, 29 doubles, 26 home runs and 93 RBI as he did his part in keeping the Mariners in the playoff hunt right up until the second last game of the season.

Back in his time with the Jays, Hernández often came through with the big hits at clutch moments, so perhaps he can bring back that magic and reliability once again in his second stint with the ballclub. However, there may be two things working against him in making that a reality. One is his alarming strikeout rate that had been steadily increasing for the past three seasons, including striking out a career-high 211 times last year. If he continues to have trouble putting balls in play with an uptick in whiffs, his overall offensive output will likely suffer as he ages. Secondly, bringing him back would inadvertently mean the Jays made a mistake in letting him go in the first place, so it would be awkward to see Atkins willing to agree to that just to get the Jays back on track.