Ranking the center field possibilities for the 2024 Toronto Blue Jays

What are the potential options for the center field position for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2024?
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Option 2: Re-signing Kevin Kiermaier

Sometimes the best solution is perhaps just keeping what’s already working for the team. In this case, Kevin Kiermaier has been everything the Jays hoped for this past season after signing a one-year deal with the ballclub during the 2022-23 offseason. Kiermaier had provided the Jays with much-needed defensive stability in their outfield, making difficult plays look routine while putting up a phenomenal 18 DRS during the regular season.

More surprisingly, he added some valuable offensive output in the Jays’ bottom part of the lineup that helped contribute significantly to their success during the 2023 season. Through it all, he has definitely become a fan favourite in Toronto, with many of the Jays’ faithful wishing for his return for 2024.

However, following the Jays elimination from postseason play, Kiermaier issued a heart-felt thank you message to his teammates and Jays’ fans everywhere on Twitter. From the way he worded it, it pretty sure sounded like a farewell message, so most likely he will not be returning for another year with the ballclub unfortunately. Nevertheless, everyone from Jays’ nation would like to thank Kiermaier as well for everything he did to help the Jays win this season and will forever be in our hearts.

Chances of this happening: Moderate