Ranking the 5 biggest culprits that deserve the most blame for Blue Jays’ awful start

is it time to point fingers on who has played the most part in the Jays’ struggles this season?
Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays
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The hitting coaches

With hitting coach Guillermo Martínez at the helm, he had once led the Jays’ offense to the upper echelon of the league at the turn of this decade. In doing so, the Jays never really had a problem with hitting and scoring runs until the past couple of seasons.

In 2023, the Jays’ offense had no issues as they ranked sixth in the league in hits with 1423 and eighth in batting average at .256. What they had trouble with was hitting with runners in scoring position and coming up clutch to cash in important runs at critical junctions in the game.

This season, on the other hand, every aspect of their hitting has hit another despicable level. The Jays as a team rank in the bottom third of the league in most of the major offensive categories, together with struggling once again with RISP, hitting just .227 in such situations. 

So what has happened to the dominant offensive force they once were just over a couple of years ago? After all, Martínez is still running the show. On top of that, he also has Hunter Mense and Matt Hague as his competent assistant hitting coaches in addition to having Don Mattingly as the offensive coordinator overseeing all the operations. Considering the amazing work that Hague has done with a plethora of the Jays’ top prospects, along with Mattingly being one of the most prolific hitters in the game during his time, you'd think they should be able to guide the Jays’ offense properly.

However, that has not been the case as we approach the one-third mark of the season. Have their hitting strategies and implemented plate approaches become obsolete and no longer effective? Or have the players been not responding and executing in the proper way? Regardless of what may be the case, they will need to come up with some concrete solutions soon before it’s too late. So to have hitting success, part of the onus is on the coach to provide the players with the right mentality, plate approach and proper swinging technique, and part of it comes from the player to take what they learned and implement it in game situations.

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