Potential Blue Jays free agent target makes hilarious plea for a job on social media

Come on Blue Jays, let’s give the poor guy a home for 2024!

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With a few weeks of spring training in the books, there are some outstanding free agents that have yet to find a home for 2024. Some may be patiently waiting at home for the phone call from their agent, while others have been more proactive in a bid for a job for the upcoming season. But in the case for a specific Toronto Blue Jays free agent target this offseason, his desperate plea for a job on social media was certainly one for the ages.

Here, we have poor Joey Votto sitting alone on the bench, apparently dejected and homeless, re-creating the Keanu Reeves meme. More importantly, he reassures us that he misses the one thing that means to most to him: playing more baseball.

This actually isn’t the first time that Votto has poked fun in expressing his thoughts using his social media account. Here are a couple of examples with Votto at his best for good measure:

But really, poking fun aside, just looking at him this time around makes one feel so sorry for the guy. After all, for a six-time All-Star and NL MVP, along with being a main staple in the league for 17 years, he certainly doesn’t want his illustrious career to end just yet, at least not this way.

Especially when Votto still managed to put up 14 home runs and 38 RBI in just 65 games last year. Over a 162-game schedule pace, that meant 35 home runs and 95 RBI, which is quite impressive production from the 39-year-old at the time. More significantly, he was at his best in the clutch, hitting .283 with a 1.062 OPS with 7 home runs and 30 RBI over just 53 at-bats with runners in scoring position. His other peripherals may as well be on the decline, but he can still get the job done offensively when it comes to driving in important runs.

So if you are the Blue Jays, if veterans such as Eduardo Escobar and Daniel Vogelbach were deemed worth giving a shot, why not bring home one of Canada’s best to give him a chance for a last hurrah before he calls it a career? With the team’s main struggles with driving in runs in the clutch in 2023, Votto would seem to be the logistical answer to that problem. Also by being a left-handed bat, the Jays certainly could use another lefty to help provide the right balance in their lineup. So it will be up to Jays management to do the right thing and bring home the “sad Votto” so that he can have the opportunity to finish off some unfinished business for his career. And what better way to do it than in front of the place where he calls home.