Padres blog offers Blue Jays trade package for Ha-Seong Kim. Would it work?

What do the Jays need to give up to land the Korean star from San Diego?

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The Verdict

To give up all three players that have displayed tremendous potential in the past season, it certainly appears to be a huge overpay on the Jays part if they were indeed interested in acquiring the services of Kim.

First of all, Martinez’s MLB-ready bat and power alone is unmatched by Kim. Secondly, just looking at Roden’s numbers, they closely mirror Kim’s offensive output this past season. Obviously you can’t compare someone in the minors with someone in the majors, but with Roden already displaying a great plate approach consistently at such a young age, his ceiling certainly looks to be a lot higher than Kim, who probably has reached it already. Finally, to add in someone with untapped power potential that was also already a Jays’ fan favourite in Schneider as well would sure peeve the Jays’ faithful. So in summary, that is the Jays’ second and seventh-ranked prospect, along with a power-hitting fan favourite for one season of a reliable and solid Kim. That for sure is asking for way, way too much. Honestly, the Jays would be better off to give playing time to them instead and see what they can produce in the majors with the ballclub.

So for our final thoughts to the trade proposal, it’s best if it is kept in the garbage bin and away from the Jays as far as possible.