The next 4 moves the Blue Jays need to make after the Santiago Espinal trade

What do the Jays need to do right now in the fallout of the Espinal trade?

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Send Eduardo Escobar packing

As the end of spring training is approaching, the final Jays’ roster should begin to take shape, especially after the trade of Espinal. In preparation for the regular season, management should start giving more reps to those that have made the team (or will likely make the team) to get them ready and in top form for Opening Day. Correspondingly, they should start cutting back for those that won’t.

As a result, it would be wise for the team to start dismissing one of the obvious players that won’t make the cut by next week. That prime candidate to be dropped is none other than Eduardo Escobar. Signed this offseason to a minor league contract with an invite to training camp, Escobar has failed miserably to produce this spring despite given ample opportunities to do so. In 15 games, he has batted a dismal .122 with a .421 OPS, along with just one home run and 7 RBI. But more significantly, he often appeared overmatched as he struck out a whopping 17 times to go along with just one walk in 41 at-bats.

Escobar may have been a former All-Star and proven prolific power hitter throughout his 13-year major league career. However, it appears that his good days are likely behind him following his huge regression in 2023 and the continuation of that now this spring training. Therefore, the Jays should cut bait with this experiment as soon as possible and focus more on those that could actually provide an impact for the club in the coming weeks.