MLB Power Rankings by record in close-game situations: Where do the Blue Jays stand?

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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10) Pittsburgh Pirates - .555 (11-9)

The Pirates started this season so positively, before reality hit. The wins started to turn into defeats, highlighted by the current eight-game losing streak which has taken them under .500. They still continue to win more than they lose in close games at least, including a 10-7 record in one-run games. Whether this attribute is enough to get them back in wild card contention, is debateable.

9) Cincinnati Reds - .556 (19-16)

Not much was expected this year, after the Reds won just 62 games last season. However, thanks to a stellar 10-game winning streak they have propelled themselves into the playoff race and now lead the NL Central. A big part of this has been helped by remaining competitive, with only the Guardians playing more close games then the Reds' 35. More importantly, Cincinnati is tied for the third-most wins in the Majors this year in such contests.

8) Baltimore Orioles - .556 (15-12)

There is some surprise about how well the Orioles have sustained winning so far this year, strong enough for the second-best record in the AL. However, they did sow the seeds last year, with their first winning record since 2016. A key to this has been their showing in tight games, including 12-8 in one-run games. The doubters will remain, but a continued ability to take the close contests will go a long way towards proving them wrong.

7) Colorado Rockies - .591 (13-9)

Following the Nuggets' NBA title, the Rockies are now the only major professional team in Colorado without a championship. This doesn't figure to change anytime soon, with a record of just 29-47 and well out of wild card contention. If nothing else however, at least they have shown a penchant for winning close games. In fact, it is this ability which has stopped them from propping up the rest of the NL - at least for now.

6) Toronto Blue Jays - .593 (16-11)

At 40-35, the Blue Jays have been labelled underachievers up to this point of the season. This isn't helped when considering they sit 10.5 games back of the Rays in the AL East. At the same time though, they are just 1.0 games back of a wild card spot - not bad for an underachiever. And regardless of if this characterization is fair or not, their ability to come through consistently in close games continues to keep them in the chase.