MLB Power Rankings by record in close-game situations: Where do the Blue Jays stand?

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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15) Los Angeles Angels - .500 (14-14)

Amazingly for a team with the league's sixth-highest payroll and containing Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, not much was expected in 2023. That's what happens when you only qualify for the playoffs once in 13 seasons. This year finally looks different for the Angels though, sitting in a wild card spot with a 41-34 record. One factor which will prove they are for real, is if they can become more clinical in close games.

14) Tampa Bay Rays - .517 (15-14)

The Rays are undoubtedly the cream of the crop, leading the Majors with a 51-25 record. They sit 4.0 games ahead of the surprising Orioles in the AL East and 9.5 ahead of the third-placed Yankees. The fact anyone is even this close, comes down to the Rays' average record in close games. If they can find a way to become more clutch, there will be no catching them in the standings.

13) San Francisco Giants - .524 (11-10)

The Giants are off to a fine start this year, as per their 41-32 record. They currently sit in the second NL wild card spot and within 2.5 games of the lead in the NL West. In order to close the gap, they are going to have to be better than average in close games. Do this, and they can give the Diamondbacks and Dodgers a serious challenge for the division.

12) Los Angeles Dodgers - .526 (10-9)

Despite being consistent playoff qualifiers, you can argue the Dodgers are actually underachievers who often wilt under the pressure. Consider last year, when they lost to the Padres in the NLDS, following a Major League-best 111 regular season wins. While a 10-9 record in close games isn't terrible, this roster should be better. And they need to be better in the clutch, to justify a payroll which is consistently among the highest in the Majors.

11) New York Mets - .552 (16-13)

The Mets were predicted to be serious World Serious contenders in 2023, due to the league's highest payroll and coming off winning 101 games last year. However, a combination of poor luck, injuries and just being the Mets has meant otherwise. One of the positives however, is a penchant for keeping games close, particularly coming through with a 4-1 record in extra innings. A lot more needs to go right for the Mets though, currently sitting with the fourth-worst record in the NL.