MLB Power Rankings by record in close-game situations: Where do the Blue Jays stand?

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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25) Washington Nationals - .391 (9-14)

Even after nearly two decades, there are plenty of Canadian baseball fans who must wish there was still a team in Montreal. For Blue Jays fans in particular, just think of the fun and teasing which could have been had towards a team with the third-worst record in the Majors. By extension, it should come as no surprise the Nationals also rank poorly for their record in close contests. Overall, their World Series win in 2019 is already beginning to look like a distant memory.

24) Chicago Cubs - .400 (8-12)

This has been a bizarre season to date for the Cubs. They have a below average 35-38 record, but are just 3.5 games back in their division and have scored more runs than they've allowed. Just think how much closer they would be in the AL Central, if not for an under-par showing in close games. Become more efficient in this area and the division could well be there for the taking.

23) Oakland Athletics - .429 (15-20)

The situation in Oakland is extremely unfair for fans and, to a lesser extent, the players. They don't deserve the way they've been treated by the organization and it's no surprise the Athletics have the worst record in the Majors. And yet they surprisingly hold their own when it comes to close games, at least when considering how dire the overall situation is. The talent, facilities and support (of management) may not be there, but the players have continued to try their best for the fans.

22) Kansas City Royals - .429 (9-12)

SimiIar to the Nationals, the Royals have also suffered since their own World Series win in 2015, with a seven-season playoff drought. It's not going to be any different this year, currently fielding the second-worst record in the Majors. No surprise then that the Royals have struggled in close games, although to be fair 9-12 in one-run games is actually not too bad for such a poor team. Regardless, this is a ballclub which will likely remain near the bottom of the standings all year, even if they see any improvement in winning tight contests.

21) Minnesota Twins - .448 (13-16)

While this is not an attack on the Twins, the reality is they are playing in the weakest division in the Majors. To highlight this, they lead the AL Central with a record below .500. As such, it should come as no surprise their record in close contests is similarly below-average. In fairness they are an impressive 6-3 in extra innings, but this is offset by a poor 7-13 record in one-run games.