MLB Power Rankings by record in close-game situations: Where do the Blue Jays stand?

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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This just in - the Major League Baseball season is a long and hard slog. And yet, over the course of a 162-game marathon, even one wrong result can make all the difference.

For the Blue Jays specifically, a prime recent example is the 2021 season. They ended one game back of a wild card spot, despite winning 91 times.

With this in mind, we decided to do a power rankings list based on close games. More specifically, each team's combined record in one-run games and extra innings contests.

NB - All records are up to and including June 20. In cases where teams have the same winning percentage in close games, we give the edge to the team with the most overall victories in the Majors.

30) San Diego Padres - .217 (5-18)

The Padres were expected to be genuine World Series contenders this year - no surprise when considering the talent on their roster. Instead they sit at 35-38, 12.0 games back of the best record in the NL. And nothing has compromised them more than having the worst winning percentage in the Majors in close games. If San Diego was even around the .500 mark in these contests it would make all the difference, putting them in a wild card spot and within touching distance in the NL West.

29) Texas Rangers - .316 (6-13)

When the Rangers were swept by the Blue Jays in the 2016 ALDS, it resulted in the beginning of a downward trend. Since then they have suffered six consecutive losing seasons, and never finished higher than third in the AL West. This season has seen a renaissance, with the third-best record in the AL and leading the Majors in runs. The only thing holding them back from catching the Rays up to this point, is an inability to come through in close-contested affairs.

28) St. Louis Cardinals - .333 (10-20)

This season has been extremely disappointing for the Cardinals to date. Not many would have anticipated them sitting at 31-43, following last year's 93-wins and AL Central title. A contributing factor to their poor form has been a low win return in close games, including 8-16 in one-run contests. It's tough to see them challenging, already sitting 9.5 games back of the final wild card spot in the NL.

27) Houston Astros - .333 (7-14)

The Astros remain the standard until further notice, as the reigning World Series champions. For the second consecutive season they had a slow start, not helped by a bevvy of injuries. They've once again turned it around however, and are right back in contention. If they can become better in close contests, the rest of MLB really will have something to be concerned about.

26) Seattle Mariners - .375 (12-20)

The Mariners have been the very definition of average, hovering around the .500 mark all season. That they are only 4.0 games out of a wild card spot is a minor miracle. What hasn't helped their record, is being unable to come through in tight contests. What makes this more interesting is that this was a forte the previous two seasons, highlighted by both times leading the Majors in wins in one-run games