MLB Mock Draft Roundup 2.0: Who do the experts have the Jays taking first in July?

2022 MLB Draft
2022 MLB Draft / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The Toronto Blue Jays have been linked to a variety of prospects heading into the MLB draft, commencing Sunday, July 9th.

This event was traditionally held in June but was moved to July 2021 to be included as part of the annual All-Star break festivities. 

The Jays, picking 20th, are in a similar position they were in last year when they used the 23rd pick to select left-handed pitcher Brandon Barreira.

What players some of the experts are saying the Blue Jays will take - Catcher Blake Mitchell

Kiley McDaniel suggests one of the high school position players could fall to Toronto at 20, and it could be Mitchell.

He’s an athletic, left-handed hitter with elite arm strength. The big-league team is in good shape behind the plate with Alejandro Kirk and Danny Jansen, but it would be nice to have a developing young backstop in the system. The team’s top-catching prospect is currently Luis Meza, #30 on the team’s list, who is still considered at least four years away.

Baseball Prospect Journal – Shortstop Kevin McGonigle

Like Mitchell, it may be fortuitous for McGonigle to be available when the Blue Jays are selected in the second half of the first round. The 19-year-old is known as one of the better prep hitters in the class and has a disciplined approach and power potential. He’s also sure to be a favorite among Simpsons fans, as his last name is eerily close to McGarnagle, the heroic, fictional character from the beloved cartoon. 

The Athletic – Shortstop Jacob Wilson

ESPN and have Wilson going 14th and 15th, so we’ll see if he’s still on the board at 20. Some pundits even think he could go somewhere in the top 10; he is known as one of the best contact hitters coming out. He lacks a slugging power stroke but could develop that down the road. The Jays have been known to acquire the offspring of former MLB players, and Jacob is the son of big-league SS Jack Wilson and is expected to have the tools to stay at shortstop.