John Schneider offers ridiculous reasoning behind sitting Davis Schneider on Monday

The Toronto Blue Jays sat Davis Schneider on Monday, who is easily their best hitter right now. Why in the world did this happen?
Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies
Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

There is little doubt that for the Toronto Blue Jays, Davis Schneider is the hottest hitter on the club and needs to be playing every single day. This being said, it was a head-scratcher when John Schneider chose to sit him in Monday's contest against the Oakland Athletics.

D. Schneider, 24, has made it into only 18 games in the big leagues, but he has six home runs and 17 RBI already, a .390 average, 1.337 OPS and 262 OPS+ in that time. Through and through, he is the only hitter on this 26-man roster that absolutely needs to be playing every single game. His positional versatility and ability to slot in at DH whenever he needs a day off from playing the field only adds to his overall value, so there's no excuse to sit him.

Of course, Monday's game in Oakland was a prime example of what happens when he's left out of the lineup. The game was a tight one all the way down to the end, as the Blue Jays barely squeaked by the cellar-dwelling A's 6-5 in 10 innings. Spencer Horwitz, Cavan Biggio, George Springer and Santiago Espinal wound up providing the necessary offense to pull off a victory, but there was one major face missing from the lineup (although he did have a late-game at-bat as a pinch-hitter).

John Schneider nearly cost the Blue Jays a much-needed win by sitting Davis Schneider.

On the Sportsnet post-game broadcast with Jamie Campbell and Caleb Joseph, the two said that J. Schneider kept D. Schneider out of the lineup because of "matchups and analytics". This could have something to do with the fact that the infielder struggled against high fastballs early on, but he has made the necessary adjustments on such pitches, so this is simply inexcusable.

"Given what he's done lately, how do you leave him out of the lineup? Remember, midway through this game, the Blue Jays were dying for an at-bat from someone like Davis Schneider", Campbell said on air. Joseph followed it up by saying that he was totally perplexed when the initial lineup cards were released. "The matchup I want is my hottest hitter playing, period. I don't care if the pitcher has a nasty breaking ball or a nasty fastball, I want my hottest hitter in the lineup."

"Davis Schneider needs to be in this lineup regardless of the matchups or the projections", Joseph finished. The former big league backstop is 100 percent correct here, there was no reason D. Schneider needed to be riding the bench for a game that is seen as a must-win (as most are at this point in the season).

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time J. Schneider has shown an undying loyalty towards the organization's analytics department. From confusing bunt calls, sending baserunners at inopportune times, pulling pitchers way too early or way too late to sitting the club's hottest hitter, there are many examples of times where the analytics didn't work out in the team's favor. Ultimately, there's a growing argument that this is costing the club crucial victories. At the end of the day, it was very refreshing to see Campbell and Joseph be vocal about their displeasure at the in-game management decisions here. As we inch towards the finish line, the Blue Jays need to simply roll with whoever is producing, regardless of what the number-crunchers behind the scenes say.