John Schneider not worried about Blue Jays offense after no-hitter; ‘it’s an outlier’

Should the Jays worry after what transpired on Monday night? Their manager certainly doesn’t think so.

Apr 1, 2024; Houston, Texas, USA; Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider walks to the mound
Apr 1, 2024; Houston, Texas, USA; Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider walks to the mound / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night in Houston, the Toronto Blue Jays be became a part of history, but not in the good way as they became the earliest team date-wise in MLB history to get no-hit. Will the Blue Jays, in particular their offense, be able to gather themselves and bounce back with a quick turnaround in the coming days?

Manager John Schneider certainly thinks so based on his comments he gave following the monumental game, according to Sportsnet. Schneider isn’t worried too much about the Jays’ potential offensive woes, as he attributed the outcome to just a rare occurrence, one that resulted from the by-product of the amazing performance by Ronel Blanco of the Houston Astros instead.

"Give [Blanco] credit, that's really hard to do," Schneider said. "A no-hitter’s an outlier, you know? I think we're going all right with where we hope to be in terms of what the offence is supposed to do. Tonight, it's just one of those nights. You give credit to a guy that does something really, really hard to accomplish. And a loss is still a loss."

Especially when you take a look at it from the big picture, the Astros were coming into the series against the Jays winless for the 2024 season. Coming off an opening weekend series in which they were swept by the New York Yankees, they sorely needed some kind of jolt to get them back on the right track. Well, they certainly got that and much more on Monday night.

As for the Jays, just as Schneider suggested, a loss is just a loss, in any way you put it. They should just move on and focus once again in the game at hand and go from there. After all, we are talking about a Jays team that ranked sixth in hits, 8th in batting average and 11th in OPS in all of baseball just last season. On top of that, they have too many good players and leaders on the team to let this kind of result affect them in any way.

Of course, the Blue Jays followed up the no-hitter by failing to score a single run in Tuesday night's contest until there were two outs in the top of the ninth inning. Without Davis Schneider has his heroics, the Jays would've been shutout for the second consecutive game. John Schneider doesn't have to worry about being no-hit, but would it have been acceptable to worry after two straight shutouts?