John Schneider keeps it real in assessment of Blue Jays pitching in embarrassing loss to Orioles

So what did Schneider have to say about the pitching effort of his beloved Blue Jays?
Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

With emotions running both high and low for the turbulent season that the Toronto Blue Jays have endured so far this year, things have shockingly reached another level during the team’s 10-1 blowout loss to their divisional rivals Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night.

For someone as calm and relaxed as Jays manager John Schneider has been throughout the season despite the team’s struggles, his bubble finally ended up bursting after another lacklustre showing of his team, this time with the pitchers being in the spotlight. This was quite the blunt assessment that he gave to them (NSFW):

You definitely have to feel for the man, because after all, he had been trying almost everything in the past few weeks to get the team back on track. But sometimes, a team really needs something like this unexpected outburst to light a fire under them to get them going once again.

So when Schneider clearly threw all the bullpen relievers under the bus, criticizing that their execution of their pitches was just not good enough, sadly he was trying to motivate his players but telling the absolute truth at the same time. You surely can’t win any ballgames if the quality of the pitches aren’t there as Schneider stated; otherwise, it practically becomes batting practice for the opposing team. Especially when the Jays bullpen have already been struggling for the most part of the season, Tuesday’s collective debacle by the relief corps just sent things to the boiling point.

The most important aspect of it all will be, will the Jays respond accordingly to show that they are much better then this and take on the brute challenge by their manager? Or will they sulk and continue to stumble their way through a lost 2024 season? For the sake of the players and Jays nation everywhere, hopefully the former will hold true. But one thing is for sure, whether his job security is on the line or not, one has to admit that at least Schneider has been doing everything he could to keep things interesting.