Jays Journal's Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects - 2024 Update

Orelvis Martinez
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26. Cade Doughty- A+ (Previous Rank: 28)
22 y.o / RHH / 3B/2B

Doughty was one of the better power hitters in the Jays system with 18 home runs and a 116 wRC+ at High-A Vancouver. The alarming number for him is his 29.7% strikeout rate, you'd expect a Day 1 bat-first prospect from LSU to handle himself better than that in the lower minors. It's especially confusing because Doughty had been praised for his bat-to-ball skills in the past. Some of the drop-off seems to come from a stance change to help him find more power (LSU has many of their hitters adopt a wide stance with two strikes) but it's concerning nevertheless. The bigger issue going forward may be his pitch selection. Doughty is aggressive to a fault and that figures to be a significant hurdle as he moves up the ladder. If he can get those areas under control, his power profile is quite exciting. His impact metrics are strong and he's great at elevating with authority despite not hitting a lot of flyballs. He'll need to show improvement as a hitter this year because he's not a sure bet at any one position defensively as of right now.

25. Alex De Jesus- A+ (Previous Rank: 27)
21 y.o / RHH / 3B

De Jesus had a streaky and injured 2023 but he posted a 114 wRC+ with double digit home runs and a more manageable strikeout rate than years past. He's growing into above average raw power and already has a feel for elevating the ball. He also walked at a good clip thanks to his selective approach and his bat-to-ball skills got the job done at his level. He has contact questions to answer when he makes the jump to Double-A. He's also coming off a significant shoulder injury that required surgery. If all goes well, De Jesus will find a role as a typical power-hitting third baseman.