Jays Journal's Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects - 2024 Update

Orelvis Martinez
Orelvis Martinez / Mark Brown/GettyImages
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3. Orelvis Martinez- AAA (Previous Rank: 3)
22 y.o / RHH / 3B/2B

Martinez's prospect journey has been one with peaks and valleys but his ability to hit for huge home run power has remained constant. He's an extreme flyball hitter who pulls the ball as much as anyone and his exit velocities do more than enough to help him make the most of that talent. He brushed up hit tool concerns this year as he improved his plate discipline without sacrificing his natural aggressiveness in the zone. He also made more contact on soft stuff and his no stride approach with two strikes helped him cut down his strikeouts. He fell back into old habits a bit after his Triple-A promotion but that’s not too unusual for a young hitter. He has shown the ability to adjust to what pitchers are doing to him and there's no reason to believe that Triple-A and eventually MLB will be too different. Martinez is a solid athlete with a plus arm that he can use to make the off-platform throws required of a left side of the diamond infielder. His arm stroke can be awkward which leads to errant throws and his instincts, internal clock, and footwork are inconsistent. Martinez has the tools to be an average defender at third base or second base but he's not there just yet.