Jays Journal's Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects - 2024 Midseason Update

Ricky Tiedemann
Ricky Tiedemann / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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26. Sam Shaw- FCL (Previous Rank: Unranked)
19 y.o / LHH / 2B/OF

A player with the slash line that Shaw has in the Florida Complex League probably isn't ranked in the top 30 prospects of too many systems. But in a weak system you look for skills, a player that has a special trait or two that might allow them to blossom in the future. Shaw has that as he is a versatile fielder, a good baserunner, and is walking significantly more than he strikes out. His K rate is miniscule - below 10% as of writing. He is not easily fooled in the batter's box but will be prone to being attacked in the zone until he either proves he can do damage in the air or starts hitting more line drives. Shaw isn't likely to hit for significant impact but the frame work is there for him to be a useful player down the road.

25. Jean Joseph- A (Previous Rank: Unranked)
19 y.o / RHH / OF

Joseph turned 19 this year, projects to be a valuable defender in center field, and has been slightly above average offensively at Single-A. He has been a case in which a lot of the underlying stats would have you believe he has produced more than he has. Joseph makes an above average amount of contact and has had good plate discipline metrics in the past (but has not walked a whole lot this year). He has raw power in the tank with a max exit velocity of 107 MPH as a teenager. Finding his best swing consistently is the key task to getting to his power in games with regularity. Right now there's too many weak rollovers and pop ups for his top exit velocity numbers to lead to production. Joseph is a name to watch and finds himself on the back end of this list.