Jays Journal's Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects - 2024 Midseason Update

Ricky Tiedemann
Ricky Tiedemann / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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12. Josh Kasevich- AA (Previous Rank: 20)
23 y.o / RHH / SS

Kasevich is a high probability big leaguer with little upside. He very rarely swings and misses, topping the Jays system in terms of contact rate and strikeout rate. Kasevich struggles to for hit any kind of power. He has below average raw power, runs high groundball rates, and does not pull flyballs with authority. His glove at shortstop will give him a chance to be a starting shortstop if he can manage passable offensive numbers on the back of a high batting average. Evaluating prospects is a game of floor versus ceiling and he has the floor.

11. Landen Maroudis- A (Previous Rank: 11)
19 y.o / RHP / SP

Maroudis came into spring with a lot of buzz and early on looked like one of the best prospects in the farm and a future top 100 arm. Unfortunately, after just 10.2 IP he went under the knife for elbow surgery, an injury that will keep him out well into 2025. Maroudis is young and has the talent to overcome this but it'll have to wait.

Before the injury, Maroudis was already throwing a 94-95 MPH fastball from a flatter approach angle with average shape. His slider (which was viewed as an area of needed improvement when he was drafted), graded out above average in Stuff+ models and was dominating Single-A hitters. Maroudis also throws an advanced changeup for his age and mixes in a curveball. He has a lot of starter traits with good athleticism and strike throwing. However, it's worth noting that young pitchers coming back from arm injuries can struggle greatly with command and control. There's a lot up in the air right now which is why he finds himself back here on the list despite being one of the most talented players.