Jay Bird Watching Podcast Recap: Vladdy Vicious and possible Blue Jays contract extensions?

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles - Game One
Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles - Game One / G Fiume/GettyImages

Craig, Ken, and Jason welcome in Jays Journal writer Evan Gignac on the show this week.

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Barlow in, Biggio out?

The show started off with some developing news as the rumored trade between the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals was discussed. The speculated swap would have the Jays acquiring reliever Scott Barlow in exchange for utility man Cavan Biggio

Evan mentioned the fact that Toronto has other options for all of the positions that Biggio can play and the consistency of Barlow over the past couple of seasons as early positive takeaways. He goes on to theorize that this could be part of a bigger deal with someone like Edward Olivares (a former Jays prospect) being a possible fit in Toronto.

Craig made note of some projections of Barlow’s upcoming season and how he could fit onto the re-tooled bullpen. Ken referred to the fact that Barlow has saved several games over the past two seasons, which suggests he could close out games for the Blue Jays too in case Jordan Romano either struggles or goes down with an injury.

Rockin and Rolen in HOF

The guys reflect on Scott Rolen’s short time with the Jays and the rest of his career. Jason discussed some of the close calls that just missed the cut on their way to Cooperstown, including Carlos Delgado.

Is Vladdy looking vicious?

The crew then tackles Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s chiseled physique and pronounced swag as well as some contract extension talk. As great as he looks, some of the comments made by major leaguers about his strength and conditioning also speak volumes. 

Evan made the point that as the face of the franchise, that’s what’s expected from him and just how devastating it would be if he were to walk in three years' time. Guerrero's comments about how he’d never sign with the Yankees were also batted around. 

The guys went on to speculate which player could be the next to receive a contract extension with Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and Alek Manoah being likely candidates. 

The gang observe a recent video of “Vladito” laying waste to some baseballs in his native Dominican Republic as Craig continued to attempt to make the moniker “Vicious Vladdy“ stick. 

New outfield dimensions released

The next subject was the new outfield dimensions at Rogers Centre. The distance to the right and left-center field gaps will be reduced significantly. Different advantages and who could benefit from this shift. 

The tendency of some of the team’s personnel to go the other way and the addition of some left-handed bats could be the benefactor of the new dimensions. 

Hall Bird Call?

The question of what Blue Jays player deserves to be in the Hall of Fame one day. That inspired some talk about some ballplayers of the past before the regular trio takes us away with the classic two claps and a woo!

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