Is this Blue Jays pitching staff the best in franchise history?

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How does the 2023 pitching staff stack up?

In 45 years, Blue Jays pitching has only finished first in the league in ERA once, so if the 2023 staff holds that spot through the end of the season, there will be no denying them a place amongst the greatest in franchise history.

But do they top the list?

The counterargument comes in the realm of top end.

Some would argue that a fundamental piece of a truly great pitching staff is an ace, the guy you want on the mound when everything is on the line. Certainly, each of the four contenders above had one.

Who is that guy for the 2023 Jays? Perhaps a case can be made for Kevin Gausman, despite his ERA rising by more than a run after the All Star break for the second year in a row. But does he really hold up next to prime Halladay, prime Stieb, or even prime Key?

Further, while the 2023 version of the Jays bullpen might actually be the deepest they’ve ever had, is there really anyone out there who would not swap it tomorrow for Henke, Ward, and Timlin?

So, is this year’s pitching staff the best in Blue Jays franchise history?

Probably not … yet.

And that’s just it. The conclusion of the 2023 staff’s story is yet to be written. To climb to the top of the list is simple – get to the playoffs, then pitch the team deep into October and become legends.

So what do you think? Is this the best pitching staff the Blue Jays have ever had? And are there any other contenders I’ve missed? Let me know on the platform formerly known as Twitter – @WriteFieldDeep.