Fred McGriff reveals reason he won't have Blue Jays on his Hall of Fame cap

Oakland A's v Toronto Blue Jays
Oakland A's v Toronto Blue Jays / David Madison/GettyImages

Both of the gentlemen heading into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame this year will be former Toronto Blue Jays players.

Fred McGriff, one of the most fearsome sluggers of his time, finally was inducted by the Contemporary Era Committee after tragically falling off of the ballot in 2019.

Scott Rolen, one of the best defensive third baseman of all-time, spent just a short amount of time in a Blue Jays uniform but his legacy will live on forever, primarily because he was used as a trade chip by the Jays to acquire Edwin Encarnácion.

Today, both McGriff and Rolen confirmed which logos will be on their caps as they head into Cooperstown.

Rolen unsurprisingly will be wearing a St. Louis Cardinals cap. He spent six years with the Cardinals and had some of the best offensive and defensive seasons of his career in their uniform.

McGriff has made the decision to have ... no logo on his cap.

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The Crime Dog's career that spanned nearly two decades began as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays all the way back in 1986. He spent the first five years of his career north of the border and statistically played his best ball in Toronto.

While he went on to play five seasons with other clubs like the (Devil) Rays and Braves, McGriff's 153 OPS+ was higher than the 122 (TBD) and 128 (ATL) he had elsewhere and his 19.4 bWAR is far and away the highest he posted with any club in his career.

While on the surface it is a bit confusing as to why McGriff chose to go logo-less, he released a quote shortly after the announcement and it sounds like it all boiled down to him feeling that he should equally represents the Jays, Braves, Rays and even the Padres.

This is far from the first time such a thing has occurred. In year's past, each of Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay, Catfish Hunter and even Greg Maddux went into the Hall without one team's logo on their caps.

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