Blue Jays: What to expect from a visit to the "new dome" in 2023

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays
Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

The Toronto Blue Jays have just completed a successful first homestand after a lengthy season-opening road trip. 

We were fortunate enough to attend two of the first six games and wanted to share some insights with fans about what to expect when attending a game with all the stadium upgrades that took place this off-season. 

There’s a lot of excitement about the team and many new things to see, hear, taste, and experience at the ballpark this year.

New Rogers Centre upgrades: Arrive early to see the new features

There was always going to be a lot of fanfare and hoopla surrounding the first several home games of this season. That has only increased with the outfield district, giveaway games, and important, exciting games. 

Fans attending Wednesday night’s game against the Detroit Tigers may have been disappointed if they were expecting to receive a Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Gold Glove bobblehead. Fans had to arrive at least a couple of hours before the first pitch to be one of the first 15,000 to get their hands on the prized merchandise. 

Alternatively, getting to the ballpark early gives revelers the chance to take in the views and other amenities available on the concourse including some tasty pork treats (peameal bacon on a bun) that can be purchased from the Corona Rooftop Patio.

You’ll also notice the rhythms and vibes thanks to a live DJ and no shortage of places to buy refreshments, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. New food and beverage options, like the 12-hour smoked brisket sandwich or a rum punch, can be yours for $17.85.

Once you get to your seats, you’ll find they are also new, a little wider, and with a fresh coat of dark blue paint. There’s a different feel among the crowd this season too. The fanbase has high hopes but is also largely positive and locked at the whole game. 

With so many new features at Rogers Centre this year, it’s impossible to experience them all in one visit, something that was surely by design. So if you’re planning on going to a game, expect a large, boisterous throng, a revamped venue that attempts to have something for everyone, and, odds are, an extremely entertaining game.