Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has hilarious reaction to minor knee injury

Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day
Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day / Elsa/GettyImages

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. recently withdrew from the 2023 World Baseball Classic after he exited a Spring Training contest with an injury.

It was revealed that he had right knee inflammation and would need to skip the WBC to recover quicker and prevent the risk of any further injuries.

While this move was probably for the best, it is a shame that we can't get the opportunity to see him on a national stage sending baseballs into orbit.

Guerrero himself took to Instagram to share with the world how he's feeling while on the road to recovery from this "gruesome" injury.

Somehow, Vladdy got his hands on a picture of what would've been his teammates in the WBC. They are all visiting him in a hospital room while he shouts, "see you in the second round", which likely means the afterlife.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Guerrero's injury is nowhere near life-threatening like he (jokingly) suggests in the post. An MRI revealed that there was no structural damage done to his knee.

John Schneider said of the injury, "we're taking it slow with him. One day at a time, but he's feeling better, so that's a good thing. He's such a big dude that speeding up and slowing down is a thing for him to be aware of, but we're pretty confident that with rest and treatment, he should be good."

The latest reports of his injury suggest that he could be returning to the batting cages by this upcoming weekend (March 10-12).

Opening Day for the Blue Jays does not come until later in March (the 30th) against the Cardinals, so Guerrero has plenty of time to rest and recover.

A player of Vladdy's stature is absolutely crucial to his team's success. While Toronto has done an excellent job of building one hell of a team around him, it's paramount that Guerrero gets his health in line over the course of the whole season because the entire country is counting on him this year.

No pressure.

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