Blue Jays: The Dunedin, Florida experience during Spring Training

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays
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Some great spots to relax

If you are looking to do some exploring there is also plenty to do around Dunedin. If you are looking for somewhere to lay around you have to check out the Honeymoon Island State Park. just over the Dunedin Causeway, there is a public beach and an entire island to explore. Can even bring your pet to the beach!

Head out golfing and you might run into some of the players. This area of Florida has some great courses and the Dunedin Golf Club is open to the public. You don't even need to leave town to get in a nice round.

Feel like testing out your sea legs? The Dunedin Marina and many other local marinas can get you out on the water for a day or fishing or just a ride out into the Gulf of Mexico. I have been on many fishing trips in my travels down here and have not found a bad boat to charter yet. I always have a great time and come home with something to throw in the frying pan from a day of fishing.

Need a little bit of all of the above? Head over to Clearwater beach and enjoy their main street full of shops and then walk right out onto the beach and catch some rays! There are plenty of cool locally owned places to peek your head into and find some fun things to remember your trip by. Tons of great food and snacks on this walk as well.

Mix in some culture

Need something that is not baseball, food, drinking, or shopping? Dunedin has a wonderful historical society and museum that has all sorts of great photos and artifacts from the history of the area. Art is very prevalent in the area and you will notice that walking around the town in addition to the many galleries and art studios. Stop into one of these places and absorb the moods or head over to the Dunedin Fine Art Center and hope in a class!

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