Blue Jays: The Dunedin, Florida experience during Spring Training

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays
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Food worthy of the show Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives

After you leave the ballpark this area has some of the best food I have had in my life. Whether you are looking for the great seafood that you would expect of a coastal Gulf of Mexico town, or BBQ, Mexican, you name it. Everything I have had the pleasure of trying in the area has been top-notch!

Fun places to check out in Dunedin:

The Dunedin Smokehouse - This place is easily one of the better hang-out spots in Dunedin. Not only do they have an amazing BBQ, but they also have a great environment that has live music on certain nights and a great outdoor seating area that is right on the main street of Dunedin. Their brisket and pulled pork are the talks of the menu and they sport a great grouping of sauces to top it all off.

Casa Tina - This Mexican food establishment has been a staple of Main Street Dunedin for over 30 years! Known for its lively atmosphere and stellar menu, this is a place that will have you coming back every time you visit. I personally love their enchiladas and fajitas. I never can pick just one and usually end up having them both.

Just outside of Dunedin:

The Palm Pavilion - Just over the bridge right on the sands of Clearwater Beach, this place will be your early Spring oasis. Grab one of their signature drinks or the local favorite the Rum Runner and enjoy the scenery with some great seafood. The local fish of choice is the grouper and this is the place to get it.

The Bait House - This is the one place I will find time to get to during every visit I make to the Tampa area. Also just over the bridge on the island for Clearwater Beach. This spot is truly the local spot. Most would get scared away by the name and the fact that it really is a bait shop in the front of the place! Just keep walking by the bait and fishing rods to find an open dock with a bar and a bunch of picnic tables. This wonderful spot in the Clearwater Marina has some of the best seafood as it is all fresh caught that day by local fishers. Did you happen to catch a fish while you were in town? They will even cook it up for you however you would like!