Blue Jays see just two players crack MLB Pipeline's 2024 Top 100 Prospects list

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles
Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles / G Fiume/GettyImages

With Opening Day reaching closer, MLB Pipeline has released their 2024 Top 100 Prospect list. The Toronto Blue Jays' farm system is currently ranked at 24th, putting them in the bottom third in the league. The Jays will need some key performances out of their prospect pool to climb up these rankings, but it starts with the talent who is already placed. The Jays had only two players make the list, but what becomes more interesting is where the prospects actually rank, and what's to be expected of them going forward.

The concern lies with all the Jays' division rivals ranking in the top 15 farm systems. It's going to take a lot to surpass the future talent of the Jays biggest competition, but these are the names closest to making a contribution for the 2024 season and beyond.

Ricky Tiedemann, LHP (#29 MLB Pipeline)

Coming just inside of the top 30, there's the Jays' golden pitching prospect, Ricky Tiedemann. The lefty had an interesting season, but ended on a strong note to justify his current ranking. Currently ranked as MLB Pipelines second-best left-handed pitching prospect, and slated to make his debut in the upcoming season, the buzz surrounding Tiedemann is growing immensely. Tiedemann finished with a 44.1% K rate in Triple-A, while having three well above-average pitches in his fastball, slider, and changeup.

The bigger question surrounding Tiedemann is his health, as he missed significant time last season due to shoulder and bicep issues. It will be important to watch how he looks through the rest of spring training, because the sooner he can prove that he's built up, the sooner he can make contributions for the Jays at the major league level. All of the talent is there in the 21-year-old, but it's more a matter of providing the necessary volume, in order to emerge as one of the league's great starting pitchers.

Orelvis Martinez, INF (#89 MLB Pipeline)

After a season to forget for Martinez in 2022, he came back with encouraging developments to put him back in the top 100. Martinez has tremendous raw power, having a 60-grade power tool and leading all the minor leagues in home runs at 86 since 2021. Martinez also managed to cut down on the strikeouts and chasing out of the zone despite being a very aggressive hitter. As a result, Martinez saw his walk rate jump up from 8.1 to 12.6% through both Double- and Triple-A.

His skill-set is one that can reach excellent highs, but there is a reasonable floor just as much, making 2024 a big year to see how Martinez will adapt to more difficult competition. Martinez is just 22-years old, and expected to make his MLB debut at some point through the season.

With the Jays currently having several different players expected to be playing at 3B, Martinez could end up forcing their hand if he manages to perform well enough to start the 2024 season. He's never been well touted for his defensive abilities, yet with the Jays having one of the best defenses in the American League, it's potentially worth the sacrifice.