Blue Jays release touching Father's Day video on Kevin Gausman

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

By now, you likely do not need me to tell you that Kevin Gausman is a winner. Through and through, on and off the field, the man represents all of the positive values that the Toronto Blue Jays, their players and their fans hold dearly.

The Blue Jays released a mini "documentary" on Gausman and his life off of the field as a special Father's Day tribute of sorts, highlighting his wife (Taylor) and two little girls (Sutton and Sadie) he has at home. We cannot recommend checking out the video enough, as it is a touching insight into his life away from the field and how great of a dad he is.

Anyone who is a parent knows how tough it can be, but also how worth it all the hard times can be once you make your child smile or laugh. For Gausman, he has had to endure the most difficult (and, really, the best) seasons of his 11-year professional career. He touches on this in the video, detailing how hard it was when his first daughter was born, because he had to not only fight through a dreadful season in his career, but he also needed to find out what it was to be a first-time parent.

Throughout the video, multiple teammates and coaches make brief appearances to share their thoughts on baseball-family balance, as well as how Gausman handles his off the field business and finds the happy medium between "ballplayer" and "Dad". Chris Bassitt, Pete Walker, Alek Manoah and Brandon Belt are all featured.

At one point, Gausman tells a story about the aftermath of Manoah's rough outing against the Mariners in last year's AL Wild Card Series. Manoah made it through 5.2 innings while allowing four earned runs on the way to a loss in the game. Afterwards, he was sitting at his locker reflecting on the poor outing when Gausman's daughter Sadie came up to him, told him it was all going to be okay, and gave him a hug.

This touching tribute to Gausman and his fatherhood is yet another example of how baseball dads earn their "dad power". While his first daughter was born during his worst season in the big leagues, he has seemingly gotten better and better in each year since becoming a father. Danny Jansen, Alejandro Kirk and Bassitt have all received this gift recently as well, with Jay Jackson expecting a little one later this year, too. Let's hope the Blue Jays can use some of this dad power to fuel their march to the postseason.

To end things, Gausman talks about a sock routine he has done before every single start of his big league career and it goes like this:

  • Put left sock on
  • Take left sock off, put right sock on
  • Take right sock off, put left sock on
  • Put right sock on as well, then take both socks off
  • Put right sock back on, followed by putting left sock back on