Blue Jays: MLB Pipeline's first 2023 Mock Draft is out, who do the Jays pick?

May 17, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; A view of a Toronto Blue Jays ball cap and logo during the game
May 17, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; A view of a Toronto Blue Jays ball cap and logo during the game / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Pipeline has released both the Draft Top 100 Prospects piece and the first 2023 Mock Draft.

Earlier in December, the first-ever Draft Lottery took place. Similar to the same event that both the NBA and NHL host annually, the lottery was put into place to prevent the worst teams in the league from "tanking", essentially losing on purpose so they are guaranteed the top choice in the draft.

This lottery is an exciting addition to the MLB offseason but fortunately, had nothing to do with the Blue Jays because the Jays were in the thick of it last year. They will pick 20th in the draft.

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis of paired up to predict the entire first-round of July's MLB Draft if teams made their selections today.

With the 20th overall pick in the draft, Mayo and Callis have the Jays selecting Charlee Soto, a right-handed pitcher out of Reborn Christian High School in Kissimmee, Florida.

Soto, 17, is said to possess a filthy repertoire that is highlighted by his fourseam fastball that routinely sits in the 96-98mph range. He pairs his fastball with a low-80's breaking ball and changeup that are said to be plus-pitches against both righties and lefties.

With his tall and lanky 6'5, 197lb frame, Soto is a true athlete that is said to have excellent control which is a huge note for someone so young that hasn't even played collegiate ball.

Against his classmates in the Class of 2023, Soto's 98mph fastball is in the 99.99th-percentile. The class average for the top fastball velo? 78mph. Yes, you read that right. The average is 78mph and Soto was at 98mph. That, in a word, is insane.

Things can and certainly do change in the game of baseball, so this pick is no sure thing. However, if someone of Soto's stature was to fall to the 20th-overall pick that the Jays have, I don't think there's much to complain about because this kid looks like the real deal.

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