Blue Jays have perfect response to terrifying "AI commercial" for Toronto baseball

May 16; A view of a Toronto Blue Jays ball cap and logo during the game
May 16; A view of a Toronto Blue Jays ball cap and logo during the game / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Look away Blue Jays fans.

Josh Shiaman, a producer for TSN, took to Twitter to post what could be the most awesome yet completely horrifying "AI commercial" the world has ever seen. Shiaman had the AI put it together surrounding Toronto baseball and there ... are no words.

Throughout the entire thing, there are many people shown with distorted faces with some seriously strange occurrences going on. All of the Blue Jays flags are shown with some strange logo on them, while players are swinging bats in reverse and fans sitting in the same section all have the exact same face.

Seriously, this thing just gets worse the more you stick around. Like at the 0:27 mark, what on earth is happening here? Things get even scarier literally one second later when there are two players are celebrating with something that looks alarmingly similar to blood pouring between them. Once again at 0:35, the children in the shot look fresh out of an episode of The Walking Dead.

The Toronto Blue Jays are always known to have clever interactions on their social media accounts, and they did not disappoint in their response to this monstrosity.

We are right there with you, Blue Jays.

We're not sure whether to be uncomfortable or impressed. Maybe a little bit of both? The fact that artificial intelligence can even put something like this together is astounding, especially given how Shiaman said it's just a text-to-video concept.

Just do yourself a favor and watch this, but try and only do so one time. It's like a bad car crash, you don't want to look but at the same time, you can't look away.