Blue Jays: Grading reader-submitted trade proposals

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Proposal No. 4 - Submitted by @langilleeli on Twitter

At first glance, I was prepared to shoot this deal down instantly.

However, upon further review this one actually may be pretty close to a done deal on both sides.

Thomas, 22, was covered in a previous proposal. His bat is very much still developing and he showed last year that he is an incredible defender in the outfield, so there's a great chance the Jays could acquire him and either immediately slot him into the big league outfield or give him a bit more time in the minors.

Jansen, 27, showed a ton of promise last year in a 72-game showing in which he hit 15 home runs, drove in 44 and posted a whopping 141 OPS+. Point being, his value is absolutely at an all-time high right here, right now.

Jimenez is still just 21-years-old but he is coming off of a disappointing season last year. In 69 games for the High-A Vancouver Canadians, he hit six home runs and drove in 40 but saw his average dip all the way down to .230, a far cry from the .320 he had the previous year.

Since he is still so young, there is still time for Jimenez to develop. I don't hate his inclusion in this deal because the Jays would still have the infield prospect depth to carry on after his departure.

Then there's Robberse, who quietly emerged as one of the best starting pitcher prospects in the Jays' system last year. The 21-year-old righty went 4-4 in 17 starts, posting a 3.12 ERA with 78 strikeouts and just seven home runs allowed in 86.2 innings.

This is actually a solid proposal that I could see happening. Jansen's value is at an all-time high while Jimenez and Robberse are young and promising. Since Thomas didn't quite deliver on the expectations last year, it speaks volumes that the Diamondbacks are even listening to offers on him.

Grade: A

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