Blue Jays: Five most exciting players to watch in 2023

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

The Toronto Blue Jays have no shortage of exciting players on their roster. 

They have guys that can hit the ball extremely hard and deep, others who are flamethrowers, and ones who are a marvel to watch pursue the baseball in the field.

These are the five most exciting Blue Jays players to watch in 2023.

5. Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman has been a treasure for baseball fans since making his major-league debut in 2017. Blue Jays fans, while certainly aware of Chapman’s exploits, were treated to the gift of watching the three-time Gold Glove winner on a daily basis, and it really doesn’t get old. 

He makes the defensive aspect of baseball fascinating and almost every game does something to wow the fans. The way he attacks the play, his arm strength, and his leadership are things that make Chapman an invaluable member of the team. While he’s more known for his glovework, expect “Chappy” to go on at least a couple of extended hot streaks this season which will have Blue Jays nation jumping out of their seats too. 

4. Kevin Gausman

While Gausman's first season in Toronto yielded some tremendous results and his overall numbers were solid (12-10, 3.35 ERA, an AL-high 2.38 FIP, and a 7.32 K/BB ratio) but the sense is he can reach a higher level this season.

Gausman's unrelenting competitive fire burns with every pitch thrown. And, although he works quickly, in between, he rocks back and forth on the mound as the tension builds. Somehow he only got called for one balk for his pre-pitch routine but there’s just something about Gausman, his pitches, the hair, and his focus on the mound, that gets the people fired up.

3. Daulton Varsho

The Jays shook up their roster two days before Christmas by acquiring Daulton Varsho from the Arizona Diamondbacks for Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Gabriel Moreno. Regardless of what you think of the trade, it addressed a glaring need, a left-handed power bat with defensive versatility.

If you’ve seen Varsho go after the ball in the outfield, you know that he plays a breakneck style and never gives up on a play. That, combined with his ability and tendency to generate a ton of hard-hit balls, are the makings of a must-watch player. Add in the pressure Varsho is under to perform and live up to the considerable price to acquire him and he’ll be one you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

2. Jordan Romano

If you’re at Rogers Centre and the road team is trailing at the onset of the ninth inning of a close game, you know what’s coming. The pulsing beat of “Tsunami” by DVBBS starts pounding from the loudspeaker, the lights flash red and white and Romano’s personalized intro video starts playing on the jumbotron.

Jays' fans know about this entrance and the excitement it inspires. It’s like letting a wild beast out of a cage. The intensity Romano exudes during a game starts early and rises to a crescendo. He keeps the man-on-a-mission vibes going throughout his appearances, rocking back and forth on the mound, talking to himself and fist-pumping wildly, and exclaiming after big strikeouts.

1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

There could only be one. From his ever-present smile to his constant chatter with the umpires, opposing players, teammates, the coaching staff, fans, and anyone else who will give him the time of day, Vladdy’s love for the game is obvious. 

With as much joy as Guerrero Jr. expresses in between plays, it just seems to grow when he has a bat or glove in his hand. There’s the thrill of knowing he can hit a baseball around 1000 miles every time he comes to the plate, the sheer violence of some of his swings, and the developing excitement he shows when delivering a behind-the-back pass or making a catch while in the splits at first base.

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