Blue Jays fan removed from Tuesday night's game for being the hero we've all needed

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

On the field, Tuesday night's contest between the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles did not go according to plan for the home team. After an unusually quiet trade deadline that had wrapped up just over an hour before the game began, the Blue Jays got demolished by the O's in Hyun Jin Ryu's first big league start since the beginning of last year.

Each of Ryu, Génesis Cabrera, Nate Pearson and Jordan Hicks all took turns getting lit up by the lethal Orioles offense. In the end, the score was 13-3 in favor of the first-place O's.

That's what went on on the field. Off the field, however, Blue Jays fans were full of much more energy than the Jays themselves were. This includes one fan (a hero, really) that took the Loonie Dogs Night promotion a bit too far and got himself removed from the stadium in the process.

Thousands upon thousands of loonie dogs being put away by Jays fans is no new occurrence at Rogers Centre. Last night was no different. One fan in an Alek Manoah jersey took it upon himself to share the wealth with other fans sitting near him in attendance. Twitter user @Lesley_NOPE did us all a favor and shared pictures and videos on her account detailing everyone's favorite fan from last night's game.

She spoke to blogTO afterwards and had the following to say about what it was like to witness this in person:

"He came with a tray of five to eight dogs, I couldn't tell. Each tossed dog led to a cheer. Then he turned upwards and tossed one up to the 200s, cheers again. Perfect toss. An usher came over (after a few throws) and started talking to him and people started booing. Then he escorted him to the concourse and kept talking to him. Boos continued to rain down. The boos were soooooo loud, the whole dome could hear it."

After the fan was escorted out, tons of fans started chanting, "BRING HIM BACK", but to no avail.

What do you think, Blue Jays fans, was the security staff a bit too harsh on this fan who was just trying to share the wealth with other Loonie Dog lovers? Something tells me we'll see him back in Rogers Centre soon.